It’s back to school time for kids young and old. From kindergarten to university, students are back to studying hard and learning new things. Celebrate their future achievements!

Back To School Celebration

Nothing makes a good back to school sendoff to college like a special dinner with family and friends. Whether you dine in or pick-up your order, time together with family is indispensable. Many college students don’t see their parents until family visitation day, the holidays, or the rare visit. Why not give them a great sendoff with a special lunch or dinner at one of their favorite restaurants? If you’re showing your new university student to their dorms and are looking for a great new place to dine, it’s time to make new favorites too!

Back To School dining

Whitehall diner provides special homestyle meals in portions that are sure to leave your student, family, and friends satisfied and ready to take on the world. Our menu is varied with classic Italian specials to buffalo wings, brisket mac and cheese, and all-day breakfast. We also have a dessert display full of delicious, in-house, and locally made sweets!

Choosing The Right Spot

The right place can make or break a fond visit, a brief goodbye, or a happy and permanent reunion post-college. With the expectation of ramen noodles and dining hall food, your college student deserves a top-quality meal before their Freshman 15.

Remember to make reservations as soon as you can, since restaurants may be experiencing staff shortages or will be busy! It doesn’t matter if you’re renting out an entire room or just taking a few family members out to dinner – if you want the night to go as smoothly as possible, you’ll want to make reservations ahead of time.

A few more things to consider are the affordability of your chosen restaurant along with the availability of gift cards. If you’re planning on celebrating in the city where your student will be attending university, a gift card is a great way to guarantee they’re eating healthy, quality food instead of dining hall pizza every night!