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Family Meals for the Holidays

No matter what you celebrate, November begins a slew of incoming holidays – most with a focus around gathering with family and sharing a family meal. It’s almost overwhelming! How can you prepare?

Have a Family Meal System

When preparing family meals during the holidays, it’s crucial to have a system. Starting with Thanksgiving, food should be the centerpiece of your celebrations. First, consider your grocery budget. It’s important to find the balance between what’s cheap and treating your guests a little. Consider food options to accommodate guests with food sensitivities by sending RSVPs early and getting a good count for those coming.

There’s a fair amount of prep that can be done before the big day, but there’s still a good chance your day will be spent in the kitchen if you don’t have any help. Prepare your side dishes early and keep them in your refrigerator until it’s time to throw them in the oven and focus on the more immediate necessities – the main dish. If you’re looking for a big turkey or ham, you’ll need the time, attention, and tender love and care to make them delicious.

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