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How to Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day 2023

As the seminal February holiday, Valentine’s Day is a marker for winter’s end. And with spring’s entrance, people can look forward to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. How can you prepare for it? 

Prepare Holiday Staples

While adding some green food dye will match the lucky theme of St. Patrick’s Day, you can either make or purchase essential dishes for the day. While it is not necessarily a meal, it would not be St. Patrick’s Day without some irish soda bread. Most bakeries should carry it, especially around this time of year. Serve it with a plate of corned beef or a filling shepherd’s pie. Looking for an appetizer? Serve a nice cup of irish potato soup! And a meal wouldn’t be complete without a cup of coffee afterwards. For the adults, add some Bailey’s Irish Cream to your cup of Joe for a nice caffeinated treat.

Leave the Holiday Cooking to Others

We all know what it is like to have a busy schedule. Sometimes it is nice to sit back and enjoy the holidays by relaxing. Whether it be going out or ordering takeout, there are plenty of options to celebrate. While restaurant availability might vary depending on the holiday, you can always order ahead just in case. Whether it be a local Irish pub or a banquet hall, there are plenty of options to enjoy some of the aforementioned foods. 

If all else fails, come to the Whitehall Diner, where we can provide an array of options that will satisfy your hunger with quality food for all. No matter if your party is big or small, we are here to make your holiday great!

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